Champy wine, Maison champy sparkling wine

Maison Champy Wine 

Maison Champy was our first ever sale and remains our favourite Burgundy house for many reasons. Champy is the oldest "Maison de Négoce" in the region, created in 1720. Their wines are all wonderful, their vineyards are organic and when they buy grapes, they only do so from their long-established partnerships. Small appellations are treated with the same care as 1er and Grand Crus, and all wines are vinified in a very clean, consensual style. Winemaking is made with a huge respect of the terroir and measured use of oak. As a result, whites are fresh, rich and concentrated; reds show expressive fruit and smooth tannins.

Last but not least, it remains a family size domain where everyone is dedicated to making the best wines while keeping reasonable prices for the region; even after the domain was been taken over by Advini, the wine group behind the famous Domaine Laroche in Chablis and Cazes in Languedoc.

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