Dauvergne Ranvier Wines

Dauvergne Ranvier Wines 

Dauvergne Ranvier is one of the top up-and-coming producers in the Rhône Valley and it was not surprising that so many of you have been asking to see them again here. Your Sommelier is not the only one to believe in their potential. Tim Atkin and Matt Walls, two of the most influential British wine critics, have ranked them number one of the “Top ten producers to watch” in their 2012 Rhône Special Report, which is quite a distinction!

François Dauvergne and Jean-François Ranvier are two winemakers who are passionate by the Rhône Valley. They have a very original approach, as they select grapes in the best parcels of the region to elaborate their wines. They work together with the winegrowers to give the best possible care to the vines, including the manual harvest and a separate grape tasting for each parcel.

Their wines are all aromatic and complex, and are becoming more and more sought after. They all brilliantly express the different grapes and terroirs they are coming from. Definitely one of the best names in the Rhône Valley, and willing to keep moderate prices!


£ 9.95

A very very fruity and floral white, coming from its high proportion of the Viognier grape (80%). Strong aromas of peach, melon and white flowers with a long silky finish. If you do like uncommon white wines with a lot of fruitiness on the nose and the palate, this bottle is a must to discover.

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£ 10.60

Dauvergne-Ranvier is a young house producing authentic wines across the Rhône Valley. Their Côtes du Rhône Vin Gourmand is a top notch red, especially in such a wide appellation producing good, average but also low standard wines! The Grenache and Syrah, from sandy soils, give pronounced red fruit aromas, round and subtle tannins and a peppery finish....

£ 14.10

Red wines from Crozes-Hermitage are usually fruity and subtle, and this one is no exception. With an expressive nose with a mix of red and black fruit, it is very round and delicate on the palate with light tannins and a long finish. A very elegant and feminine red that will charm anyone.

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£ 15.00

Wines from Crozes Hermitage are made exclusively of Syrah, the star grape of the Northern Rhône Valley and are usually fruity and subtle. This cuvée by Dauvergne-Ranvier is the perfect ambassador of this well-known appellation: nose of pepper and black cherry; round and delicate palate with supple tannins and a long fresh finish. A very elegant and...

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£ 16.50

2015 is certainly among the best vintages of the last decade in the Rhône valley and Gigondas has produced splendid wines full of sun and flavour. Coming from vines planted hillside in fresher areas (250m to 400m high), this "Grand Vin" is no exception. It is a round and powerful wine with a very long finish. Shows aromas of dark fruit, forest and spices...

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£ 19.90

Made of 100% Syrah, the noble grape of the Northern Rhône Valley, this Saint Joseph is simply delicious. Subtle aromas of dark fruit and violet flower, and a long finish with hints of spices and wood. A great bottle for those who are looking for an elegant and complex red wine with a strong personality.

£ 42.00

The Deluxe version of the Viognier grape, Condrieu is a very small appellation stuck within Côte Rôtie and is very sought after in the whole world. An exuberant nose of ripe yellow fruit, passion fruit and a lot of white flowers. Very original and special white for a great experience.

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£ 50.00

Probably the most prestigious appellation for reds from Rhône Valley, Côte Rôtie is one of Your Sommelier's favourite French wines. This one is exceptionally complex, with a powerful nose of black berries and sweet spices. A very silky wine on the palate, perfectly balanced with a long, long finish. In short, we just love it, and so do many international...

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£ 57.00

In Rhône Valley, the Hermitage appellation is a must. It covers only 137 hectares on a granitic hill where you wonder how vines can grow. 2010, one of the greatest vintages in the area, delivered a rich red wine full of black cherry flavours. A big, rich and complex wine with a hint of liquorice and very long finish. Rhône lovers will love it at first sip.

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