Chateau de l'Engarran Wine

Chateau de l'Engarran Wine 

Château de L’Engarran is the first Languedoc domain we have ever sold, and remains one of our favourites from this up coming region! Their wines are exactly what we love about Languedoc: fresh and easy drinking rosé (very much like Côtes de Provence!), fruity white made of 100% Sauvignon Blanc and of course, rounded and full-bodied yet fruity reds. We have also included their two high-end reds, Quetton Saint-Georges and Le Parc, which are absolutely incredible wines. 
The Château de l’Engarran has been in the same family for 5 generations and two sisters are now in charge of the domain: Diane as the winemaker and Constance for marketing and sales. It is the combination of the delicate wines they make, the respect of the terroir and their enthusiasm when it comes to talk about their wines that have seduced us. They have found a way to mix traditional winemaking with modern techniques and the result is a great domain that we see as the typical example of the value of Languedoc wines: authenticity and modernity at the service of the wine.


£ 9.70

This is an amazing but unusual rosé from Languedoc. It is light and fresh as a Côtes de Provence - which is definitely what we love for a rosé. Ideal for an afternoon in the sun or even better, on a barbecue. Summer is not quite there yet, but you will be happy to have a few bottles ready as soon as the temperature starts coming up!

£ 11.00

It is quite simple; Your Sommelier fell in love with this cuvée which is an amazing value for money. It has been created after replanting vines on selected parcels to improve the quality of the signature red of the domain. A subtle blend of different grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Grenache) ensures expressive notes of black and red fruit such...

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£ 11.40

La Lionne is a white wine made of 100% Sauvignon Blanc, coming from strictly selected parcels within the vineyard of the Château - which can clearly been tasted in the glass. It has a nice golden robe with explosive aromas of citrus and white flowers, a buttery structure and a fresh peppery finish. A slightly complex bottle, ideal for amateurs looking for...

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£ 12.00

The Château de l’Engarran has been in the same family for years and is managed by two sisters - Diane and Constance - with a very feminine touch! Terres de l’Engarran is a lovely Merlot-based Languedoc, easy to drink with notes of red fruit on the palate. A touch of mint and spices on the finish immediately call for another sip. Perfect with grilled meat...

£ 14.60

Château de l'Engarran is the flagship cuvée of the estate, made from different parcels. A complex bottle, more typical from a Languedoc red, with a bigger structure and elegant tannins (33% of the cuvée is aged in oak barrels), aromas of ripe black fruit and spices, and a nice freshness at the same time. Highly recommended for Languedoc amateurs, this is...

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£ 25.00

Quetton Saint Georges is the high-end red cuvée from the Château - and we can clearly realise it in the glass. Powerful red with a big structure and complex flavours of ripe black cherry and blackberry, it benefits from a high recognition among wine critics (90-92 from Robert Parker!). A must if you want to discover a top bottle of Languedoc it is already...

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£ 50.00

Le Parc is the absolute cherry on the cake. Yes, it is an expensive Languedoc wine, but we have never tasted anything as such in the region. Le Parc is a huge, full-bodied and explosive red, made of 100% Syrah coming from a specific parcel. It shows an incredibly concentrated nose of roasted blackcurrant, cassis and eucalyptus. The palate is really...

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