Fournier Pere and Fils wine

Fournier Père and Fils wine 

Domaine Fournier Père & Fils is one of the very best winemakers in the Loire Valley. It has been developed and modernised continuously since the 1950’s, slowly acquiring some of the best parcels in the region. From vine planting and growing to winemaking and bottling, the family controls all the process using traditional methods with modern equipment.

Vines are grown in an absolute respect of the environment, harvest is manual and only the best grapes are kept. Wines are then elaborated in a very modern winery, ensuring all the process is closely controlled. Fournier wines therefore show an outstanding quality and are probably the most consistent in the Loire Valley. It is not a surprise to see them on the tables of some of the best restaurants in the world.
The domain owns vines on the best parcels of the main 3 appellations of the area: Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and Menetou-Salon. All of them are made exclusively of Sauvignon Blanc for whites and Pinot Noir for reds. Give them a try if you are keen on the Loire Valley, you won't be disappointed.


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