Chateau de la Gardine wine

Château de la Gardine wine

Château de la Gardine

Property of the Brunel family since 1945, the Château de la Gardine belongs to the greatest domains in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It is spread over 120 acres of continuous vineyard, which is pretty rare in the area. The quality of original cuvée is incredibly consistent, which makes it a great buy at any time – fruity as it should, without being too heavy. They also produce smaller cuvées, made from specific parcels or with different winemaking techniques.

Château Saint-Roch

When buying Château Saint-Roch  in 1998, the objective was to apply their know-how from Château de la Gardine to develop the domain - and they have been very successful. They produce more affordable wines from from Lirac and Côtes du Rhône  appellations. Their wines are generally fruity and easy to drink, they all are a pleasur to drink and a good example of what a nice Côtes du Rhône can taste like. Definitely highly recommended.


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