Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois wines

Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois wines

All three properties belong to Marie-Laure Lurton, who comes from one of the most famous families in Bordeaux. Her father once owned 11 Châteaux, and she now manages these three since 1992. She has converted all her vineyards into sustainable agriculture, which means that nature and environment are taken into consideration in all steps of the winemaking.

Looking at the wines, each Château has clearly its own style, according to its own terroir: Château la Tour de Bessan is an elegant Margaux, reflecting the feminine reputation of the appellation. Wines from Château Duplessis, in Moulis-en-Médoc, are stronger in structure and in tannins. Finally, Château de Villegeorge, a Cru Bourgeois Supérieur from Haut-Médoc, finds its place right between the other two!

Château la Tour de Bessan is a Cru Bourgeois from Margaux. It is spread over 29 hectares and had been in the Lurton Family since 1972. Heavy investments since 1999 have contributed to the « Cru Bourgeois » status gained by the domain in 2003, reflecting the work implemented and the increasing quality of the wines. Main grapes are Merlot (55%) and Cabernet-Sauvignon (43%)

Château de Villegeorge is a 12 hectares Cru Bourgeois Supérieur from Haut-Médoc, which has benefited from a great reputation since the 18th century. Lucien Lurton bought it in 1972 and a lot of work had been put into the vines and the equipment since then. The domain was converted to “viticulture raisonnée” under the “Terra Vitis” certification. Today, Château de Villegeorge is an excellent choice when it comes to picking a Haut-Médoc with a good value for money.

The Lurton family has acquired Château Duplessis later than the two other Châteaux, in 1983. The legend says it once belonged to Armand du Plessis, nephew of the Cardinal de Richelieu, hence the name of its second wine. Merlot dominates (72%) on this 18 hectares-vineyard located in the heart of the Moulis-en-Médoc appellation. Cru Bourgeois since 1932, this status has been confirmed in the Cru Bourgeois Classification of 2003, reflecting the quality of this affordable Moulis.

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