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Paul Jaboulet Aîné is one of the most respected producers in the Rhône Valley. They are famous worldwide for their amazing unique cuvées, like the Hermitage La Chapelle, as well as for the quality of their entry-level bottles, starting with their delicious red and white Côtes du Rhône. Their grape selection is probably the strictest in the whole area, which explains the consistent quality of all their wines. We have selected a wide range of wines because we do think they are all definitely great value for money - there is no exception.

The Jaboulet house was created in 1834 and has some of the best vineyards in the Northern Rhône. It was acquired in 2006 by the Frey family, also owner of Château La Lagune in Bordeaux. Thanks to the talent and dynamism of the winemaker Caroline Frey, the Jaboulet name is now back to the top! She has even converted most of their vineyards to biodynamic farming, with the conviction that it would protect them and get the most of their precious grapes.

For this week's offer, we have managed to get our hands on a few cases of the exceptional Hermitage La Chapelle 2012, one of the most legendary wines in the world. If you want to try this iconic red, don't miss this opportunity as we won't be able to hold on the bottles for long!

£ 9.95

Located East of Avignon and Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the Côtes du Ventoux appellation is known to produce red wines of excellent value, when elaborated with care. This cuvée from Paul Jaboulet Aîné, one of the most prestigious winemaker in the Rhône, is just that! A lovely wine boasting fresh aromas of red fruit, spices and cedar. Palate is lively with fine...

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£ 11.60

This red Côtes du Rhône definitely has the wow factor! We don't often find such quality in this price range. Easy drinking, this is a light to medium-bodied red with crisp red cherry flavours and a hint of black pepper. Not pretentious, but a really well-made wine that will be great in any circumstance... and for a very decent price.  

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£ 11.75

This white Côtes du Rhône is a great value wine for any aperitif or meal. It is made of a subtle blend of various local grapes providing concentrated flavours of white fruit and flowers, while remaining crisp and fresh. A short stay in oak barrels brings in a toasted hint for a greater personality. An admirable wine, especially for this price range.   

£ 12.50

This is the red wine version of Beaumes de Venise - as opposed to the sweet Muscat one. With a beautiful concentrated nose of red berries, it is round on the palate with nicely integrated tannins. Typical medium bodied Grenache with slightly spicy finish. We have been seduced by this discovery.

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£ 14.50

Saint- Péray is a small appellation next to Cornas, producing white wine exclusively - 30% of which are sparkling. These wines are fresher than other whites from the Rhône, thanks to the specific climate on the hills of Saint-Péray. This bottle is the still version and offers a lot: elegant flavours of white fruit and flowers, fresh and mineral...

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£ 16.00

A typical Gigondas, medium to full bodied red with a nose of ripe red berries and black cherry. On the palate, it shows a solid structure with spicy tannins, coming from the mourvèdre grape. If you like warms red wines from the South of the Rhône Valley, this wine is definitely for you!

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£ 17.80

White Saint-Joseph are not so common and this is why we have picked this white. A really fruity wine full of ripe fruit aromas such as peach and pineapple, as well as white flowers. The long and creamy finish calls for the next sip. An amazing bottle for all lovers of Rhone Valley white wines.

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£ 18.60

We always love a nice Crozes Hermitage. They show all the great flavours and personality from the Syrah, while remaining medium bodied and easy to drink. This one boasts delicious aromas of red berries with sweet spices on the finish. Subtle, elegant and well balanced, it delight any amateur. A great safe bet from a prestigious producer.  

£ 19.50

Made of 100% Marsanne, this white Crozes-Hermitage is an absolute beauty! Medium-bodied, it develops plenty of fruit aromas - peach, melon - along with honey and white flower notes. It ends in a long finish with a lovely refreshing acidity that call for more. Perfect for any chicken or white fish dishes!   

£ 22.95

Saint-Joseph is a step further than Crozes-Hermitage in terms of body and concentration. "Le Grand Pompée" boasts complex aromas of ripe red fruit, spices and liquorice. Oak barrels give it a firm structure, supple tannins and a toasted, long finish. A superb example of the appellation, now entering its drinking window. Very possibly our favourite wine of...

£ 24.90

White Crozes Hermitage might not be the most common wine but it remains very typical of the Northern Rhône. A lovely aromatic wine, full of ripe fruit aromas such as peach and pineapple, as well as white flowers. The long, creamy and nutty finish calls for the next sip. An amazing bottle from a region highly dominated by red wines, which proves that white...

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£ 31.00

Though Paul Jaboulet is a Nortern Rhône specialist, the house knows how to make a brilliant Châteauneuf-du-Pape! The fine blend of the usual grapes creates a beautiful nose of black cherry with a hint of liquorice. On the palate, the wine already shows a certain degree of evolution, which is why we have picked it - it is just ready to drink now and we...

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£ 32.00

Definitely one of the best Condrieu we have come across. Its specificity is the higher than usual acidity, providing the wine with an exceptional freshness for the appellation. A lot of ripe fruit aromas on the palate - peach, apricot and exotic fruit- with a distinct minerality. A real beauty; a must have if you are looking for an elegant Condrieu.

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£ 36.40

Cornas is a small village of the Northern Rhône producing powerful and dense Syrah wines. Les Grandes Terrasses got its name from the steep terraces supported by stone walls where the grapes are planted. The wine is full-bodied and rich, with red and black fruits aromas enhanced by a lovely freshness. Typical Syrah,  quite tannic, with spice and liquorice...

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£ 45.00

We have kept the best for the end, as we are notoriously Côte Rôtie lovers! This 100% Syrah is superb, with a degree of elegance rarely seen. It shows a fine nose of black fruit with a floral touch and a palate with explosive aromas of blackcurrant and blackberry. The finish is really long with hints of sweet spices. Very, very classy. Top notch Côte Rôtie!

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£ 45.50

This white Hermitage is a beauty if you like white wines from the Rhône Valley.  A lot of ripe fruit aromas on the palate - peach, pear - but also some notes of honeysuckle and caramel. A beautiful minerality gives the wine a perfect balance. Complex flavours, long finish: just as a white Hermitage should be. A complex 8-year old wine just ready to drink,...

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£ 59.00

Here is the star of the red wines. Hermitage is one of the most prestigious appellations of the Rhône Valley and is definitely worth a try. "La Petite Chapelle" is the little sister of the famous "Hermitage La Chapelle", also produced by Jaboulet. It is an incredibly complex wine, showing intense and multiple aromas: dark fruit, flowers, spices,...

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£ 139.50

Hermitage La Chapelle is the kind of wine that doesn't need a long presentation. Probably the most iconic wine from the Rhône and the most famous Syrah in the world, it comes form very specific parcels owned by Paul Jaboulet Ainé since 1919. Biodynamic farming, manual harvest, extremely low yield (10-15hl/ha) and 18 months in oak barrels. The result is a...

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