The three Châteaux, Belle-Vue, Gironville and Bolaire, were bought in 2004 by Vincent Mulliez, who has done a tremendous work to raise their standards consistently. This man has brought the biggest possible change in these Bordeaux properties in such a short time. Powered by an endless passion for wine, he used to put a huge work to make the best of each terroir and make sure his wines would be loved by everyone. His wife Isabelle has taken over the management since his accidental death in 2010 to build relentlessly on his legacy with a great success. Finally - this is quite rare to be mentioned - these Châteaux have kept their original strategy of keeping prices reasonable, which is why each one of them is so good for the price.

The wines of Château Belle-Vue, always very dense and elegant, have been praised by critics and wine lovers for years. It is now widely regarded as one of the best non-classified wines in Médoc - “Consistently one of the better Cru Bourgeois”, says Robert Parker. Belle-Vue is probably the number one of our wines in terms of positive feedback from our Members, so we are sure a lot of you will be glad to see it back.

Château de Gironville produces a more modern Haut-Médoc with a perfect balance between fruit and tannin. A very well made classic Haut-Médoc.

Château Bolaire, a "simple" Bordeaux Supérieur, is the perfect entry level Bordeaux for your everyday wine - and actually, a bit more than that.

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