Clos Des Fees - Les Sorcieres Wine

Clos des Fées - Les Sorcieres Wine 

Clos des Fées is one of the most famous and respected producers in Roussillon. Indeed, it is probably THE domain that has contributed most to improve the reputation of this region.
Its story is quite amazing: After owning a wine bar in Paris and working a few years as a wine journalist, Hervé Bizeul, a former “France’s Best Young Sommelier”, founded the Clos des Fées in 1998 with his wife. His idea was to produce a good wine for friends. The first vintage, created in his garage with very little investments, was a huge success immediately. Today, his wines are sold worldwide and the domain has become so famous that the high-end cuvée, the “Petite Sibérie”, retails for over £200!
But don’t worry; Clos des Fées also produce affordable wines. They are all beautiful, mainly made of old vines of local grapes. So if you are looking for something a bit special from South of France, with an incredible value for the price, all these wines are worth trying!


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