Olivier champagne

Olivier champagne 

Olivier Père & Fils is a small 10-hectare family Champagne house, based in the Marne Valley and member of the "Vigneron Indépendants de France", an organisation promoting French independent winemakers. Founded in 1910, it is currently managed by the 4th generation. 
What we really like here is the traditional approach of this family house. Unlike most Champagne producers who own vines miles away here and there in the region, their vineyards are on the property, making a special daily care possible. They follow the principles of "Agriculture Raisonnée" (Sustainable agriculture), designed to limit the use of chemical as much as possible. All cuvées are then aged for a minimum of 4 years - longer than usually in Champagne - to develop finesse and flavours. As a result, every Champagne from Olivier Père & Fils is smooth, elegant and full of flavour. The Signature Cuvée for example, is superb and can be easily compared to prestigious and more expensive Champagne!
What is "Agriculture Raisonnée"?
The objective of "Agriculture Raisonnée" is simply to carry out a sustainable agriculture to protect soils and environment. It has been created after observing that preventive chemical treatments have in fact negative consequences, generating chemical-resistant vine diseases. Such products are still used, but only addressing specific problems when needed. Much more emphasis is put on monitoring each parcel to optimise treatments, ultimately reducing chemical residue in the wine.  "Agriculture Raisonnée" is now a formal label that winegrowers (and farmers in general) can join by implementing a specific list of principles.


£ 23.00

Made of 80% Pinot Meunier, 10% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay, this cuvée is a true winemaker Champagne. Nose boasts generous aromas of ripe apple, lemon and pear. Palate is fresh and complex, with a great wine-like structure. The perfect bottle to discover if you are after small and original Champagne!

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£ 24.80

This bottle is the one which has truly caught us! With 40% Chardonnay, this is a subtle and elegant Champagne showing delicate flavours of white flowers, peach syrup and a hint of toast on the finish. Its thin bubbles and gentle structure make it a very feminine Champagne. Just delicious.

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£ 28.00

Extra Brut Champagne is becoming more and more fashionable today, but what does it mean? For any Champagne, each bottle is opened after fermentation to add a mixture of wine and sugar, defining what it will taste like. Extra Brut simply means there is no sugar at all, making a very pure, fresh and mineral Champagne. Ideal if you like light dry Champagne...

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£ 29.90

This is the only rosé cuvée of this domain. Made of 70% Pinot Meunier, it is a tasty and fruity winemaker Champagne. Red fruit dominate here, while notes of orange and pear are coming on the finish. A nice rosé for anyone looking for an original Champagne.

£ 35.00

Let's start with a short explanation about "Vintage" Champagne. For any Champagne, non-vintage Brut cuvées are a blend of different vintages. When ideal weather conditions give better than average grapes, winemakers can decide to make a "Vintage" cuvée, where only grapes from this particular vintage will be used. Ageing is then much longer to make it a...

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