Buy Meyer-Fonne wine

Buy Meyer-Fonné wine

Felix Meyer, owner and winemaker of the domain, is the third generation of the family to run the estate; and potentially the most talented one. We say devil hides in the details, and Felix definitely got it right.  Since he joined the family business in 1992, he’s been developing the range by catching the smallest detail of each grape on each piece of land. His domain has since become a reference in Alsace. Sustainable agriculture, traditional maturing in large oak barrels, blending grapes from different parcels… Felix is now a master in making aromatic, racy and elegant wines.
We’ve tasted all of them and it was almost impossible to make a short list: they are all stunning wines! But we had to, so we’ve chosen some classics (Riesling, Gewurtztraminer), added a great entry-level Pinot Blanc and a fantastic Pinot Gris (know as Pinot Grigio in other countries). This later bottle will take away all your prejudices about this “infamous” grape and even make you wonder how your local pub can still serve you a glass of Pinot Grigio!
Along all those fabulous whites, we’ve also picked a Pinot Noir, which is in line with the rest: very well-made and showing you how Pinot Noir can be delicious outside of Burgundy!


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