Lupe-Cholet wines

Lupé-Cholet wines 

Lupé-Cholet is a confidential Burgundy House created in 1903 by Alexandre de Mayol de Lupé and Félix de Cholet. Its wines are very sought after among sommeliers and usually only available in the best restaurant around the world.

With 25 hectares of vineyards across Burgundy and long-established partnerships with wine growers, Lupé-Cholet produces wines from most appellations, with always the highest possible quality. Only the finest hand-picked grapes are selected for vinification and the winemaking team is using traditional techniques such as gentle pressing, partial or total de-stemming and cold maceration prior to fermentation to get the best wines. The founders’ philosophy is still very much applied today: “We want to let the soil and the vintage find their own expression. What we look for in our wines is, above all, harmony and balance ensuring the greatest pleasure for people tasting them.”

Your Sommelier is very proud of being able to offer a unique selection of whites and reds from this prestigious old House. Whether they are from the Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune or Mâconnais, they are definitely among the best Burgundy we could find!


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