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Retail Price: £ 9.95

Subscriber Price: £ 7.96

This Cuvée Tradition Rosé is the perfect entry-level Côtes de Provence, much better value than most of its peers. Light, refreshing and fruity with a good minerality and some character, this rosé will bring a lovely Provencal touch to your summer drinks!

Retail Price: £ 10.50

Subscriber Price: £ 8.40

If you are a keen on discovering alternative regions but you’d rather stick to the classic grapes, then you cannot go wrong with this Sauvignon Blanc from one of our favourites Gascony estate. An aromatic and mineral wine with expressive flavour of citrus, white fruit and flowers. Perfect for aperitif or with a seafood platter.

Retail Price: £ 10.60

Subscriber Price: £ 8.48

Fantastic award-winning white wine from the south of France! Made with a large majority of Sauvignon Blanc, and a touch of local Roussanne and Marsanne, it has the typical nose of flower and citrus. Like many Languedoc whites, the palates shows some grassy aromas along with the tropical fruit notes of the Sauvignon. A lovely wine for an aperitif or a...

Retail Price: £ 10.60

Subscriber Price: £ 8.48

Dauvergne-Ranvier is a young house producing authentic wines across the Rhône Valley. Their Côtes du Rhône Vin Gourmand is a top notch red, especially in such a wide appellation producing good, average but also low standard wines! The Grenache and Syrah, from sandy soils, give pronounced red fruit aromas, round and subtle tannins and a peppery finish....

Retail Price: £ 10.90

Subscriber Price: £ 8.72

Instant Blanc is a classic Languedoc Sauvignon Blanc made by the Fabre family on Domaine de la Grande Courtade. A really well made wine, showing a pale colour and intense fruit aromas - citrus, passion fruit and pineapple. Finish is mineral with lemony notes. Without being a presumptuous wine, this bottle is absolutely perfect to discover what this...

Retail Price: £ 10.95

Subscriber Price: £ 8.76

This Château Dubois Gramont Blanc stood out as the clear winner when we blind tasted it among many other bottles. Made from vines planted on a beautiful clay and limestone terroir, it is a round and subtle white. The Sauvignon Blanc brings a wonderful minerality and great fruity notes, while the Sémillon enhances aroma complexity. As a result, this wine...

Retail Price: £ 11.20

Subscriber Price: £ 8.96

Les Peyrades is a typical and really well-made red wine of Gascony, which we love for this kind of price. It offers a yummy nose of red fruit and spices with a slight hint of mint. Palate is round, well-balanced and has supple tannins to give the wine a great texture. Definitely a top example if you want to discover wines outside the usual appellations!

Retail Price: £ 11.20

Subscriber Price: £ 8.96

Muscadet is a white wine from the western Loire Valley made exclusively from a grape called Melon de Bourgogne. This cuvée, named after the Schist soil which are a characteristic of the Muscadet appellation, is the best example of this mineral and fresh wine. It opens on lemon and salt notes, then develops crisp fruits aroma to finish on a lovely acidity....

Retail Price: £ 11.50

Subscriber Price: £ 9.20

Surprise Party Rosé is the latest cuvée created by Château les Valentines. With their organic vineyard located just a few miles from the beach of Saint-Tropez, this rosé will surely be the hit of the summer! Though a simple and fun wine, it still has all the brilliant characteristics of the Valentines' wines: light, pale and dry, it develops aromas of...

Retail Price: £ 11.50

Subscriber Price: £ 9.20

We instantly fell in love with this dry white wine from Jurançon. It exhibits a profound and complex nose (yellow fruit, grapefruit, apricot, papaya), reminiscent of upmarket whites from Pessac-Léognan. Palate is perfectly balanced with an unexpected - and superb - acidity enhanced by citrus flavours. As a result, this is a highly vibrant and fresh wine -...

Retail Price: £ 11.60

Subscriber Price: £ 9.28

This Château Lamartine 2011 is an amazing example of what you can find outside of the main appellations in Bordeaux. Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux is an AOC of the right bank, close to St-Emilion, where we like to find great easy-drinking Bordeaux. Made with a large majority of Merlot...

Retail Price: £ 11.60

Subscriber Price: £ 9.28

A wonderful Grenache-based Cotes du Rhone, made of 40+ year old vines. It exhibits a gentle fragrance of fresh, ripe red fruit (strawberry, red berry), a touch of mint on the finish and a nice overall balance. In a nutshell, a very well made wine, all about fruit and pleasure.

Retail Price: £ 11.75

Subscriber Price: £ 9.40

Commanderie de La Bargemone is a lovely family estate just a few minutes from Aix-en-Provence and they make a classic rosé from Provence. Light, fresh and dry with delicate aromas of citrus and red berries. Ideal for any day in the sun, picnic or barbecue; this rosé will never let you down... just make sure you always have a fresh bottle ready!

Retail Price: £ 12.00

Subscriber Price: £ 9.60

Château du Relais de la Poste is a classic and well made Bordeaux that constantly receives awards and medals for its great value. It is a classic Bordeaux Blend from the Côtes de Bourg appellation: the Cabernet Sauvignon brings structure whereas the Merlot provides fruit and softness. Nose offers aromas of ripe red fruit and a hint of mint. Palate is well...

Retail Price: £ 12.00

Subscriber Price: £ 9.60

The Château de l’Engarran has been in the same family for years and is managed by two sisters - Diane and Constance - with a very feminine touch! Terres de l’Engarran is a lovely Merlot-based Languedoc, easy to drink with notes of red fruit on the palate. A touch of mint and spices on the finish immediately call for another sip. Perfect with grilled meat...

Retail Price: £ 12.00

Subscriber Price: £ 9.60

Domaine A Deux is a tiny estate recently created by two very talented winemakers of the Loire Valley. This Sauvignon Blanc is a lovely and refreshing wine, which offers lots of citrus and fruit aromas with a lively minerality. Perfect for any amateur of dry and fruity wines, and of course Sauvignon Blanc fans. Be aware that this could easily become your...

Retail Price: £ 12.20

Subscriber Price: £ 9.76

Languedoc producers can also elaborate the most brilliant rosé wines, and this is the perfect example of a light-bodied rosé, just what we like for the summer. It exhibits some flavours of red fruit and apple, with a perfect acidity to keep it as fresh as possible. Ideal for an afternoon in the sun or even better, on a barbecue!

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Retail Price: £ 12.80

Subscriber Price: £ 10.24

For this exciting red wine, the winemaker of Domaine d’Aigues Belle is blending the Bordeaux grape Merlot with local old-vines of Grenache and Mourvèdre. The terroir is in the Languedoc appellation, but the wine is “only” an IGP Pays d’Oc to allow any grape in the mix. The result is a delicious and round red wine, benefiting from a Bordeaux lookalike...

Retail Price: £ 15.60

Subscriber Price: £ 12.48

Like many others, the Muscadet appellation is working to get more recognition for its high-end Cuvées with the creation several Cru Communaux, equivalent of Grand Cru in other regions. Vallet has not yet being approved but is in the pipeline for the coming years. Unanimously praised by critics like The Decanter or Wine Enthusiast, this is an exceptional...

Retail Price: £ 16.50

Subscriber Price: £ 13.20

What we love about Château Duplessis 2007 is that it is just perfect to drink now. Originally of a relatively strong structure, it has had the perfect time to evolve in the bottle and open up today in your glass. Elegant aromas of ripe black fruit come on the palate, ending up on a toasted and peppery finish with really supple tannins. A beautiful bottle.

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Retail Price: £ 17.00

Subscriber Price: £ 13.60

The flagship rosé of the Château is slightly more complex and fruity than the "Caprice de Clementine", due to the small proportion of Syrah and Mourvèdre. The pure flavours of gooseberry, citrus and roses end up on a mineral and long finish. Delicious!

Retail Price: £ 17.50

Subscriber Price: £ 14.00

One of the high-end cuvées of Complices de Loire. This Bourgueil clearly shows how complex and structured red wines from Loire Valley can be. Nose is expressive with aromas of cherries, strawberries and cocoa. Palate is rich and balanced, with spicy tannins in the background brought by oak barrels. If you are keen on going a little further in discovering...

Retail Price: £ 17.80

Subscriber Price: £ 14.24

"An icon in Languedoc" from the famous French wine critics Bettane & Desseauve. This is the least we can say for this amazing 100% Chardonnay. Tiny yields, harvest at night to protect grapes, careful vinification and 3 months in French oak barrels: These are the secret ingredients to what is, according to many famous critics, the "best Chardonnay in...

Retail Price: £ 19.00

Subscriber Price: £ 15.20

"Like all of Cavalier's wines, the purity of fruit here, as well as the texture, is outstanding. Drink this beauty over the coming 7-8 years.” - Robert Parker. This upmarket cuvée is indeed a beautiful, big red wine showing powerful aromas of black fruit, spices and wood. Not for the faint hearted, this is a hell of a Pic Saint Loup for true Languedoc...

Retail Price: £ 23.00

Subscriber Price: £ 18.40

Montagny is located in the Côte Chalonnaise, producing 100% Chardonnay whites only and offering better value than many other appellations in Burgundy. We have chose this premier cru - made from vines coming from the best parcels - for its overall balance, its flavours of peach, pear and hawthorn, its notes of hazelnut and honey on the finish... In a...

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