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£ 8.95

Unusual but highly interesting Rosé from Touraine! Made from a blend of Gamay, Malbec and Cabernet Franc, it develops aromas of white flowers and citrus. The palate is quite rich and finishes on a long candy taste.  A very nice rosé to drink on its own and that would also be a good match for a grilled fish or shellfish.

£ 9.20

The Languedoc is one of the main producers of Rosé in France thanks to a warm and dry climate. Some are very Provence-like, just like this very refreshing cuvée: light, fresh and fruity rosé (raspberry, apple), just as we like it. Though it is not quite summer yet, but who says we can’t enjoy a nice glass of rosé in front of the fireplace!

£ 9.70

This is an amazing but unusual rosé from Languedoc. It is light and fresh as a Côtes de Provence - which is definitely what we love for a rosé. Ideal for an afternoon in the sun or even better, on a barbecue. Summer is not quite there yet, but you will be happy to have a few bottles ready as soon as the temperature starts coming up!

£ 9.90

Sarments is a wonderful white wine benefiting from the best of its two grapes: Sauvignon Blanc brings freshness and acidity, while Viognier adds in a lot of fruity flavours (citrus, orange, almonds). This unusual blend shows a beautiful balance and a yummy finish, you will be impressed by such quality for this price range. Excellent as an aperitif wine,...

£ 9.99

Pointe d'Agrumes is a highly refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from Loire Valley. As its names suggests (literally "hint of citrus"), it offers lots of citrus and fruit aromas with a lively minerality. If you like simple fruity wines, this is definitely one to keep in your fridge and open after a tough day at work!

£ 10.50

If you are a keen on discovering alternative regions but you’d rather stick to the classic grapes, then you cannot go wrong with this Sauvignon Blanc from one of our favourites Gascony estate. An aromatic and mineral wine with expressive flavour of citrus, white fruit and flowers. Perfect for aperitif or with a seafood platter.

£ 10.60

This Syrah and Grenache blend is the most perfect representation of the Languedoc spirit - Esprit. A rich, powerful red yet showing a lot of finesse. On the palate, it develops lovely aromas of red and black fruit (raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant), with hints of pepper and mint on the finish. Lovely red wine for anyone who likes rich and powerful reds!...

£ 10.90

We thought Christmas wines would be kind of sad without something sweet... and because not everyone likes sweet wines, we decided to pick this wonderful semi-sweet from Gascony. The local Gros Manseng grape is harvested when slightly over-ripe to allow some sweetness to develop - however it contains only 40 grams of residual sugar per liter, compared to...

£ 10.90

The Rosé is obviously the flagship wine of this weekly offer. A classic Côtes de Provence rosé, perfect for the summer. Light and delicate with slight aromas of citrus, red fruit and a lemony finish. It is ideal for a drink in the sun, a barbecue or even a white fish during a garden lunch. Make sure you have a few bottles in the fridge at all times!

£ 11.00

Domaine Carrette is a family estate from Vergisson that we absolutely love and this Mâcon Milly-Lamartine is a great value wine from a small vineyard of 1.5 hectares in sustainable farming. A simple and fresh Chardonnay with pure minerality, very typical of the Mâcon area. On the palate, aromas of citrus and flowers end up with a very decent finish. A...

£ 11.00

The white version of the Côtes du Rhône is a fruity and fresh wine with flavours of white fruit (apple, pear), provided by local grapes Grenache Blanc and Clairette. Nothing over-complicated, but perfect to drink before diner or with a prawn salad. If you like fruity whites produced in sunny area, this wine is for you!

£ 11.50

We instantly fell in love with this dry white wine from Jurançon. It exhibits a profound and complex nose (yellow fruit, grapefruit, apricot, papaya), reminiscent of upmarket whites from Pessac-Léognan. Palate is perfectly balanced with an unexpected - and superb - acidity enhanced by citrus flavours. As a result, this is a highly vibrant and fresh wine -...

£ 11.60

Villa Symposia is a small estate in Languedoc created in 2003 on a great terroir with the advice of Stéphane Derenoncourt, well-known adviser to top Châteaux in Bordeaux. Conversion to organic farming and relentless, traditional work in the vines contributed to build a brillant reputation within a relatively short timeframe. Cuvée Amphora is a fresh and...

£ 11.90

Velours - or Velvet - is a complex and refreshing wine and its name is exactly what you feel when tasting this wine. This red wine boasts wonderful aromas of ripe black fruit with notes of toast, chocolate and vanilla. Ageing in oak barrels provide a very nice complexity here, with both fat and fine tannins on the finish. This cuvée is an excellent choice...

£ 12.00

Médoc is an appellation where wines can be fantastic, but you need to pick wisely - just this one, for example. With nearly half of Cabernet Sauvignon, we loved its great flavours of concentrated black fruit, the big volume, some sweet spices and the mellow finish - its proximity with Saint-Estephe may certainly explain it! A brilliant Médoc from Château...

£ 12.00

Château du Relais de la Poste is a classic and well made Bordeaux that constantly receives awards and medals for its great value. It is a classic Bordeaux Blend from the Côtes de Bourg appellation: the Cabernet Sauvignon brings structure whereas the Merlot provides fruit and softness. Nose offers aromas of ripe red fruit and a hint of mint. Palate is well...

£ 12.00

Le Caprice de Clémentine is a cuvée which has been elaborated recently by the domain. Their objective was to offer an entry level, simple and easy rosé - and they made it! Very refreshing, light and fruity, it is the perfect Côtes de Provence to stack up in your fridge for the summer at a very sweet price.

£ 12.80

This organic Riesling, from the most typical grape in Alsace, is made from various old vines of Domaine Vincent Stoeffler. Intense notes of citrus and orange are nicely balanced with acidity, bringing a fresh tone into the wine. We particularly like the hint of honey on the finish. A great entry-level Riesling we were grateful to discover and that we...

£ 13.00

Not used to drink white dry Bordeaux from the Sauternes area? Try this. Château de Romance is a small, newly created family vineyard in the heart of Sauternes, next to several classified first growths. Benefiting from this great terroir, it is far from a "basic" Bordeaux and offers an incredible value for money. It boasts delicious aromas of yellow fruit...

£ 13.60

Equilibre is the flagship cuvée of Villa Symposia. Medium to full-bodied, it shows a very expressive and harmonious nose of ripe blackcurrant and spices, typical from Languedoc. On the palate, the wine has a good fruity structure with supple tannins. The finish is long with toasty notes coming from oak barrels. To our mind, this Cuvée is a big success and...

£ 13.60

The classic Chablis of Château de Fleys is a great example from the appellation, showing an elegant nose of white flowers and peach. On the palate, aromas of citrus and pear take over, with a mineral touch and a clean finish. Definitely a good value Chablis, to be discovered!   

£ 13.90

“Classified growth-like quality” – Robert Parker. Château Bolaire has the specificity of containing 40% of Petit Verdot - a grape usually used in small quantity to add elegance and structure to a wine. As a result, it might be “only” a Bordeaux Supérieur but it clearly punches above its weight. It displays a toasty nose and powerful flavours of black...

£ 13.95

Saint-Georges-Saint-Emilion is one of the smallest appellations in Bordeaux - less than 20 estates - and one of the oldest wine areas in France. As a result these wines are pretty confidential! The vineyards enjoy significant elevation and slopes, a very nice environment for quality wines. Château Macquin was a great discovery to us - and probably the...

£ 14.50

Coming from different parcels and 40 years old vines, this fruity Pinot Noir is charming and elegant. It also reminds us that when in the right hands, this grape has also a lot to offer in Alsace - and can often show better value than pricey, average bottles from Burgundy. A simple and direct Pinot Noir with plenty of fruits and very little oak....

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