Muscadet Wine - Loire White

Muscadet Wine - Loire White 

Muscadet is not a wine you will see that often on Your Sommelier, not that we don’t like a nice and fresh glass of this Loire white but mainly because of its poor reputation. Well forget everything you’ve heard about it because Muscadet is back! Or as the Decanter magazine recently wrote: “Think you know Muscadet? Think again!”

The region has been working hard in the past years to dramatically improve the quality of the wines and it’s now paying off with the creation of several local Cru and the renewed popularity of this forgotten wine. We have obviously tasted many of them before selecting the Château de la Ragotière, all their wines stood out as the best ones in their categories. The classic Muscadet, the Vieilles Vignes or the Vallet Cru: we loved them all and, for once, the choice wasn’t that hard for us!

On top of their Muscadet, the Couillaud family produces two outstanding entry-level whites that brilliantly complete the range: a slightly oaked Chardonnay and a delicious Sauvignon. Everything in there to love the wines from the organic vineyard of Château de la Ragotière and we can only recommend you to get some now as they should go very quickly!

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As well as the classic Muscadets, Château de la Ragotière produces an amazing Chardonnay from 30 years old vines and partly aged in oak - for 15% of the cuvée. A great discovery, especially sine Chardonnay is not the most common grape in the Loire valley. This wine shows what a talented winemaker can do outside of the classic of a region! A very...

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£ 10.80

Old Vines usually bring additional complexity and concentration to a wine. This Muscadet Sélection Vieilles Vignes definitely has it. It remains a typical Muscadet, with its mineral and salty nose, citrus notes and great freshness but with and little bit more texture and intensity on the finish. Brilliant wine if you are looking for something a bit more...

£ 11.20

Muscadet is a white wine from the western Loire Valley made exclusively from a grape called Melon de Bourgogne. This cuvée, named after the Schist soil which are a characteristic of the Muscadet appellation, is the best example of this mineral and fresh wine. It opens on lemon and salt notes, then develops crisp fruits aroma to finish on a lovely acidity....

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£ 12.00

This Sauvignon Prestige is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris, more common in the Loire than the Chardonnay but still quite original. Aged in glass tank for a few months, it’s a very fresh and aromatic wine with notes of grass, exotic fruit (kiwi), citrus (grapefruit) and a very generous finish. For an aperitif or after work drinks, if you are...

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Like many others, the Muscadet appellation is working to get more recognition for its high-end Cuvées with the creation several Cru Communaux, equivalent of Grand Cru in other regions. Vallet has not yet being approved but is in the pipeline for the coming years. Unanimously praised by critics like The Decanter or Wine Enthusiast, this is an exceptional...

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