Domaine L’Aiguelière

Languedoc Wine - Domaine l'Aiguelière 

Domaine l'Aiguelière is our new hit! Created over 30 years ago by a winemaker and an œnologist, it was one of the very first estates in Languedoc to choose quality over quantity. As a result their reputation grew very quickly and their two high-end cuvées, Côte Dorée and Côte Rousse, became a reference in the region. Today the estate is still managed by the same families, on the same beautiful terroirs and with the same passion.

We were absolutely stunned by the quality of all their wines when we first tasted them. While Languedoc used to be a region for cheap wines, it has come a long way over the past decade and there are now many producers making outstanding wines. Domaine de l'Aiguelière is definitely among them, and even more! Surely thanks to its long-lasting history of focusing on quality, their wines are a bit less powerful but with much more finesse and elegance than most Languedoc reds. People often say they easily compare to the best Syrah of Northern Rhône - and we do agree with it. The beautiful Côte Rousse would not be ridiculous if compared to a Côte Rôtie, and Velours to a Saint-Joseph!

The last thing we particularly like about Domaine l'Aiguelière is how they have always kept very reasonable prices. These wines all offer brillant value, which is one more argument to personally recommend them!

£ 9.90

Sarments is a wonderful white wine benefiting from the best of its two grapes: Sauvignon Blanc brings freshness and acidity, while Viognier adds in a lot of fruity flavours (citrus, orange, almonds). This unusual blend shows a beautiful balance and a yummy finish, you will be impressed by such quality for this price range. Excellent as an aperitif wine,...

£ 10.60

This Syrah and Grenache blend is the most perfect representation of the Languedoc spirit - Esprit. A rich, powerful red yet showing a lot of finesse. On the palate, it develops lovely aromas of red and black fruit (raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant), with hints of pepper and mint on the finish. Lovely red wine for anyone who likes rich and powerful reds!...

£ 11.90

Velours - or Velvet - is a complex and refreshing wine and its name is exactly what you feel when tasting this wine. This red wine boasts wonderful aromas of ripe black fruit with notes of toast, chocolate and vanilla. Ageing in oak barrels provide a very nice complexity here, with both fat and fine tannins on the finish. This cuvée is an excellent choice...

£ 18.40

If you are a fan of complex reds from Languedoc, you will love the Côte Dorée. Aromas of red fruit dominate here, although Syrah makes most of the blend. A very round red wine, smoother than many of its peers. Really beautiful bottle to discover. Hint: Taste it blind with the Côte Rousse, you'll spend a memorable night! Silver Medal at Decanter World Wine...

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£ 19.90

Côte Rousse is an absolutely magnificent wine made of 95% old Syrah - and it is our little gem this week. It is rare to see such elegance in Languedoc, which is why some might compare this Côte Rousse to a Côte Rôtie. After a slow vinification, wine is aged carefully in oak barrels until the perfect moment. We loved its spicy notes, the concentrated...

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