Bordeaux Saint-Emilion and around

Bordeaux Wine - Saint-Emilion & around

For this new weekly offer, Your Sommelier is taking you on a tour around the beautiful city of Saint-Emilion and its "Satellites". Saint-Emilion is a tiny, typical, hilly village on the right Bank of the Dordogne river. Its history goes back to the 8th century and the village was registered as a Unesco World Heritage site in 1999. Obviously, the city is famous for its wines rather than its medieval history but remains one of the most visited wine region in the world!

Saint-Emilion's reputations is largely due to the large diversity of its soils - limestone, clay, gravel and sand - as well a the microclimate that perfectly suits winegrowing. Combined with centuries of winemaking experience, this is the most perfect place for Merlot - the main grape in the area. Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon are also widely planted as most Saint-Emilion wines are subtle blends of these classic Bordeaux grapes.

Located around Saint-Emilion, "Satellites" are small villages like Puisseguin, Montagne or Lussac and given they don't have quite the same glorious reputation, they often represent excellent value for money. While Saint-Emilion prices have strongly inflated over the past few years, some family estates from satellite villages have started a smooth revival of these appellations, by improving the quality of the wines but keeping prices reasonable. We have selected a few of those under-the-radar wines that we think are among the best from each appellation!

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