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Your Sommelier's Best Provence and Corsica Wine Guide

The Romans developed the vineyards of Provence, as in most regions of France. After their fall, the monasteries took over the vineyards, followed by the local aristocracy.There are today three major appellations: Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence and Coteaux Varois, but also some local names such as Bandol. Most wines are rosé (87%) and Provence is of course the first producer of rosé wines in France. Nevertheless, the region has recently proven it was able to produce great red wines as well.

The history of wine in Corsica is slightly different, as vine was widely grown on the Island. Wine production almost disappeared after the phylloxera epidemic and World War I. It became an economic driver again on the island in the second half of the 20th century.



Bandol, Bellet, Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, Coteaux Varois en Provence, Les Baux de Provence, Palette


Ajaccio, Calvi, Coteaux du Cap Corse, Figari, Patrimonio, Porto-Vecchio, Sartène

Key Figures


Surface: 27,000 ha
Winemakers: 600
Production: 174m bottles


Surface: 7,000 ha
Winemakers: 450
Production: 24m bottles

Red Grapes

Syrah (Provence)

It provides full bodied, coloured and spicy wines. Syrah is rich in tannins, which makes it suitable for extended aging.

Grenache (Provence)

Widely used in the Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence area, it gives aromas of red berries to young wines, and then evolves towards more spicy notes.

Cinsault (Provence)

Used for the production of rosé wines, it gives freshness and smoothness that soften the power of other grape varieties.

Mourvèdre (Provence)

Produces dark and powerful wine, rich in tannins. It is the main grape in the Bandol appellations.

Cabernet Sauvignon (Provence)

Typical Bordeaux grape used in blends to make higher quality red wines in Provence.

Niellucciu (Corsica)

Almost identical to Sangiovese from Italy, it produces full-bodied wines with aromas of red berries with a long finish.

Sciaccarellu (Corsica)

Typical Corsican grape that gives delicate wines with peppery notes.

White Grapes

Rolle (Provence)

It is the historic white grape of Provence. Gives classy aromas of lemon and pear.

Clairette (Provence)

Produces typical whites from Provence, with refreshing aromas of white fruit and flowers.

Vermentinu (Corsica)

It provides high-quality white wines, among the best in the Mediterranean area, with character and a strong floral aroma.

Find more information on the regions and their wines with the official websites of the regions: Provence and Corsica; or on Wikipedia: Provence and Corsica

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