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How does it work?

1 week = 1 producer: Every week, we offer our Members a few bottles from one French producer we have carefully selected. And nothing else! Recommending only one Domaine or Château at a time is our way to make sure you get the best wines from each region. This is the most personal recommendation you will ever find in the UK.

Is there any commitment or minimum order?

Not at all. As a Member, you get access to our exclusive offers, and that's it. Membership is 100% free and there is no minimum order. You can just pick a few bottles or cases whenever you want.

What about delivery?

At the end of the weekly offer, Your Sommelier makes a group order from the producer and has it shipped to the UK, where each parcel is prepared and delivered. It takes a couple of weeks but it guarantees that all our bottles come directly from the producer’s cellar and nowhere else! Delivery is free for orders above £100, and costs £10 otherwise.

What else?

Since the wine you buy is still laying down in the domain’s cellar, storage has been perfect for its entire life. This is the only way to guarantee optimum conditions for your wine. As we do not hold stock, we will never try to push a particular wine because we desperately need to offload a specific bottle with fake promotions.