Your Sommelier's Frequently asked questions


Every month you will receive 3 bottles of French wine selected by our Sommeliers with matching tasting cards including food pairing, full information about the wine, its region and appellation. You will also find a binder in your first box to regroup all your cards. There is a different theme each month to make you taste French Wine in a structured manner and learn as much as possible. One month could be about Bordeaux wines and the next we would make you compare Sauvignon Blanc from 3 different French regions.

Discovery Box is £36 per month, including delivery. If you fancy more upmarket wines, go for the Expert Box at £60 per month and receive 3 premium bottles!

Yes you can – and as a subscriber you benefit from a 20% discount on ALL the wines from previous boxes, with no exceptions, as long as we have them in stock. If you have offered or received a subscription box as a gift, you are entitled to the same discount. See the list of available wines here.

We deliver everywhere in the UK. Our standard delivery is already included in the price of your box and will be 8am to 6pm weekdays. If you would like to get a special delivery like early morning or Saturday, feel free to contact us and we will arrange it accordingly.

Discovery and Expert Boxes are sent on the 1st of the following month for orders made between 16th and 31st and on the 16th for orders placed between 1st and 15th. Delivery can then take up to 5 working days.

Payment will be done automatically on the monthly anniversary of your order date. All payments are processed by our provider Stripe on the card you used to subscribe to the box but we do not store your card details.

Just drop us a line during Checkout or later on, we will make adjustments to your box every month.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime in My Account / My Subscriptions. Cancellation will happen at the end of the current period to ensure that you receive all the box you have paid for.

Of course! Click here to go on the Gift Box page and find all the information.

1 week = 1 producer: Every week, we offer our Members a few bottles from one French producer we have carefully selected. And nothing else! Recommending only one Domaine or Château at a time is our way to make sure you get the best wines from each region. This is the most personal recommendation you will ever find in the UK.

Not at all. As a Member, you get access to our exclusive offers, and that's it. Membership is 100% free and there is no minimum order. You can just pick a few bottles or cases whenever you want.

At the end of the weekly offer, Your Sommelier makes a group order from the producer and has it shipped to the UK, where each parcel is prepared and delivered. It takes a couple of weeks but it guarantees that all our bottles come directly from the producer’s cellar and nowhere else! Delivery is free for orders above £100, and costs £10 otherwise.

Since the wine you buy is still laying down in the domain’s cellar, storage has been perfect for its entire life. This is the only way to guarantee optimum conditions for your wine. As we do not hold stock, we will never try to push a particular wine because we desperately need to offload a specific bottle with fake promotions.

All our wines have been selected by our Sommeliers, and we only offer what we would buy for ourselves. We assess the absolute quality, but also make sure you get the best value for the price. As everyone has different tastes, our objective is to propose various wines, from the everyday bottle to sophisticated and prestigious wines for special occasions.

Most UK websites and shops get their wines from UK importers or agents, which is much simpler for them. But this process has a cost, as a middle man needs a commission. This cost is added to the price of your wine. On the contrary, Your Sommelier develops direct relationships with French producers. Wine is sourced at a preferential rate with no cost of stock and the middle man is gone, keeping prices as low as possible.