What is Your Sommelier? About Us

Your Sommelier is an independent online wine retailer offering weekly private offers & monthly wine subscription boxes of the finest French wines and Champagnes directly from the producers.

Our story is quite simple, we are two UK-based young French wine enthusiasts and after several years in the banking industry we have decided that it was time to share our passion for wine. We wanted our concept to be simple and accessible to everyone, not only to wine experts, and sell only what we would buy for ourselves. This is how we came up with Your Sommelier and our unique concept of private offers.

Because we were so desperate to find good value French wine in the UK, we decided to source them directly from the producers in France. We spend most of our time meeting winemakers, tasting their wines and ultimately selecting them for our weekly sales when we feel we have found something special!

France has so many different wines that we keep discovering them and this is what is great about French wines: its diversity! From classic Bordeaux to unusual Languedoc, from Chardonnay to Syrah or blends of Cabernet and Merlot… there is a wine for everyone and we work hard everyday to make sure everyone can find his!