Would you be happy if your passion was compatible with good health? What would you say if drinking a glass of red wine in the sun could help feeling healthier? This could be the dream of any wine lover, so we had a closer look into it.

You’ll probably be happy to hear about the “French Paradox” - the fact that French wine consumers have fewer cardiovascular and coronary diseases than British or American consumers, despite a similar diet - while drinking twice as much wine! Is wine the key to life expectancy or is it just a coincidence?

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Is it allowed to pair alcohol and health?

First, let’s not forget that drinking a glass of nice red wine is a pleasure and therefore contributes to our mental health. What a treat to lie down on a deckchair with a glass in your hand! We can also consider the positive impact of alcohol on our physical health. Pectin, for instance, regulates your blood sugar rate - lowering risks of diabetes and reducing hunger.

It has also been proved that alcohol helps absorb fat, stimulating the good cholesterol over the bad one. Be careful though - all these positive only stand in the context of a reasonable consumption: any excess can be very harmful. (If you want to know more about combining wine and well-being here our previous piece of blog on that topic).

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Is wine the best alcohol?

Various studies have shown that wine in general, and more specifically red wine, have the highest positive impact on our body. Several components have been identified to explain it.

First of all as mentioned previously, alcohol does have a positive influence on blood sugar rate, diabetes risk and cholesterol. Wine also contains polyphenol, an antioxidant coming from tannins which favours your cardiovascular system and prevents certain cancers. Resveratrol is a natural antibiotic produced by certain plants to protect themselves from external attacks. It is thought to have anti-inflammatoires benefits for humans, also preventing cardiovascular accidents. This latter point is has never been proved, though.

is wine good for you?

Yes to wine, but also…

Let’s admit that if your goal is a perfect health, drinking alcohol will never be as efficient as a healthy diet, regular sports and a smoke-free environment. Most recent studies, however, have shown that a reasonable wine consumption of a glass per day for women, two glasses for men, reduces cardiovascular risks and helps keep heart in good health. You have read it correctly - 1 or 2 glasses per day can be beneficial, but they are a maximum!

But please - remain vigilant, because an overconsumption will have the opposite effect! Too much alcohol could lead to huge health problems and various conditions, such as high fat rate in your blood (thus putting on weight), increased arterial pressure, a weak heart, cirrhosis or other liver diseases - and simply, dependency.

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Last point - an alcohol-free week does not mean you need to catch up on the weekend! You’ll be at risk of disturbing your body’s habits and damage your health. A moderate consumption is absolutely key.

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