Do you know why a bottle of wine contains 75cl, and not 70cl or 1L like any other bottle of alcohol? The reason is historical, going back to the time when French wine was beginning to settle its reputation across the world.

During the 19th century, the British were already the biggest consumers of French wine and Bordeaux in particular. While the French used litres to quantify their wine, the UK’s measuring system, based on gallons, was making conversions tricky – 1 gallon being 4.54609 litres exactly! As neither country was ready to change its standards, the best solution was to agree on a new benchmark quantity.

Back then, Bordeaux wine was being imported in the UK by barrels of 225 litres. This was equivalent to 50 gallons or so (49.49 to be exact) – but also 300 bottles of 75cl! And that was the common ground everyone could agree on. You might say this also makes 225 bottles of 1L, but 300 is a much easier number to manipulate. This explains why the 75cl bottle quickly became the new reference for wine – and still is today in every wine country in the world.

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You may also notice that 6 bottles of 75cl makes… 1 gallon. And now you know why a case of wines is made of 6 or 12 bottles. Simple!